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New Customers, Call Now! Take an Extra 10%. 4th Generation Concrete Contractors. We are family owned and operated locally near you. We specialize in all types of concrete repair work! Concrete Grinding Conctractors of Dallas, Fort Worth, Weatherford. A division of WEBBCO Concrete. For immediate attention Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair and Removal. Call or Text us at (817) 771-1834:

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Keep Liability down, Affordable Concrete Repair and Removal! We service Residential, Property Management, Government, City Sidewalks, HOA, Apartment Complexes, Business Parks, Senior Living Complex, Shopping Centers.

Concrete Restoration: concrete driveway repair, tripping hazard concrete repair and removal, root damaged sidewalks. Concrete grinding of Dallas/Fortt Worth metro brings your sidewalks in compliance with the Americans with ADA with a method more effective and less expensive than conventional concrete grinding.

Concrete Grinding Improves Property Safety!

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Liablity and Safety is our main focus. Commercial and Residential. Keep insurance premiums low!

Commercial Concrete Renovation

Property Management, Apartment Complexes. Offices, Warehouse, Storage Units and Retail, all have strict guidelines with concrete floor repair.

Concrete Repair

We are 4th generation concrete conctractor grinding specializing in concrete removal, repair and replace. Concrete Grinding Weatherford, Dallas, Ft. Worth Metro, specializes in commercial and multi-residential properties throughout the Metro areas and help many homeowners as well

Concrete Grinding

The most economical way to repair rough concrete surfaces for residential and commercial use.

Residential Concrete Repair

We have unique and cost effective solutions! We fix concrete driveways, sidewalk trip hazards. We are on-time and on-budget.

Sidewalk Replacement

Property Management, Apartment Complexes and Offices, ask about how we get the job down right the first time. On Time and On Budget

Sidewalk Trip Hazard Repair

Fixing sidewalk trip hazards is important because having an uneven concrete sidewalk can create liability. Uneven concrete sidewalk repairs are a necessity for business owners and property investors who would be held liable should someone become injured on the trip hazard. If you want your sidewalk trip hazards fixed, Concret Grinding of Dallas, Ft. Worth can help!

Concrete Repair

We service Residential, Property Management, Government, City Sidewalks, HOA, Apartment Complexes, Shopping Centers.

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